Byala is a clean and welcoming holiday town offering all the conditions for sea tourism. The town is dynamically developing and offering its guests something new each summer.
Byala town is located in the central part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coastline- at a distance approximately equal to the two district towns- Varna (50 km) and Burgas (70 km). The shoreline of Byala is characterized by a combination of a rocky coast, small bays, and beaches with sand dunes. Most beaches have eastern, northeastern and southeastern exposure, ensuring optimal conditions for more hours of sunshine. The total length of the beaches is 6244 m, or approximately 16% of the overall length of beaches located on the territory of Varna District.

Archeological excavations

The archeological excavations near St Atanas Cape commenced in 2009 under the supervision of Senior Research Associate Valeri Yotov. Some buildings and objects of national historic significance were found. The remains found date back to V-VІІ century and some of them are kept in the tourist center of the town. The most interesting finding is an early Christian basilica from V-VІ century.

White rocks

Byala is the fourth place in the world with traces for the gigantic cosmic cataclysm occurred on the boundary between Cretaceous and Tertirary periods, which caused dinosaurs extinction but led to the development of mammals. The White Rocks are an uninterrupted rocky geological outline dating back to the geochronological boundary between the Cretaceous and Tertirary periods and the accompanying iridium –rare element anomaly. This is the first boundary between the Cretaceous and Tertirary periods in Bulgaria and according to Prof. Preisinger /leader of the expedition/ they are literally “at hand”.


From ancient times, wine production is one of the main means of subsistence in Byala. Many locals grow grape vines to produce wine. The most popular sorts are Merlot and Dimyat. In Byala, there are several private wine cellars where tourists can taste and buy various sorts of wine.

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